How much is an office visit?

Routine Office Visit: $55
We charge the same for a new patient or an established patient. We include treatment and prescribing and sending prescription through the computer to your pharmacy. We also include most diagnostics (flu testing does have an addition $10 charge due to the high cost of the test kit) and not generally need to diagnose flu. If you are a cash paying patient (no insurance or high deductible) we have contracted with Lab Corp for low fees for lab draws.

Call: 919-339-4500

Primary Care & Urgent Care

We are a small walk-in clinic for minor urgent care and basic procedures.

(919) 339-4500 | 1419 College Street, Oxford, North Carolina 27536

General Pricing

$55 Routine Visit
$55 Follow-up Visit
$39 Diabetes, Cholesterol or Prostate Cancer Screening
$100 DOT Physical (price includes urinalysis)
$110 Ten Panel Drug Screen (with collection)
$41 Drug Screen – collection only 2
$35 Flu Shot
$39 Pregnancy Testing
$20 TB Risk Assessment
$38 TB Test
$55 Sinus infection
$55 Tooth pain, abscesses
$55 Small boils/abscesses
$55 Strep throat/sore throat
$55 Simple animal bites
$55 Poison Oak/Ivy
$55 Bronchitis, mild asthma
$55 Simple puncture wounds
$55 Simple Diarrhea, simple vomiting

$39 Removal of Sutures Placed Elsewhere
$20 School Sports Physicals
$39 Single Lab Test, On-Site
$89 Single X-ray Exam
$99 EKG
$99 Burn Care (2nd and 3rd degree)
$99 Fracture/Dislocation Initial Office Care
$99 IV Fluids
$99 Nebulizer Treatment
$99 Stitches/Laceration Repair
$55 Influenza (flu)
$55 Urinary Tract Infection
$55 STD’s
$55 Pink Eye, Sty
$55 General rashes: ringworm, eczema, shingles, scabies
$55 Minor burns/minor sunburns
$55 Simple suturing
$55 Ingrown fingernail/toenail
$55 Simple muscular back pain, gout, sciatic pain

The Little Clinic of Oxford

The Little Clinic of Oxford
1419 College Street
Oxford, North Carolina 27565