Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse who has returned to school and through a master’s degree prepared program, earned an advanced degree in nursing that allows the practitioner to evaluate, diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for patients. A nurse practitioner can see minor illness or chronic illness. A nurse practitioner is independent of a physician and state Boards of Nursing vary in regulations. In North Carolina, a nurse practitioner is required to have a physician for oversight and collaboration if needed. A Nurse Practitioner will average 8 years of related education to the degree.

What about the flu, is it really that serious? Should I get a vaccine?

The flu for the normal healthy person is usually a 4-7 day of misery, body aches/chills and fever. For a child or older person or compromised person it could be devastating with organ failure (kidneys and lungs), hospitalizations, and, sadly, even death. Keep your hands away from your face, hand washing with soap and water and staying hydrated (drinking plenty of fluids) may help keep the flu away. The flu vaccine, while not perfect, is the best way to prevent the flu. Sometimes, a person will still contract the flu even though they had the vaccine, but the hope is they will not become as sick as the unvaccinated person, and will have a quicker recovery.

What is your new patient procedure?

We take all patients that are 1 year of age and older. We do not currently take any insurances but accept cash, credit, debit cards, due in advance of being seen. We are working on adding primary care by appointment, other wise, we are a walk in clinic. There is a simple but necessary intake form for new patients to fill out.

Exactly where are you located? How do I get there?

We at the corner of Oxford Loop Road, College Street and US 158.
Coming from Henderson on I-85: exit 206 and turn right onto US 158 (towards Revlon) turn right at the intersection where Revlon is (Oxford Loop Rd) go approximately 3 miles (past Salem Rd with flashing light) look for Shell station on the left at next intersection, turn left (College Street) look on the hill on the right and turn right into first driveway.

From I-85N: Exit 204 to Linden Avenue, turn right, go approx 1.4 miles to Hillsboro Road and turn right, go approximately 1.7 miles to College Street, you will pass Granville Medical on the right, we are 0.6 miles from Granville Medical Center, we are on the left side of the road, the driveway is almost hidden and is just before the large sign that says Oxford Dental Care.

In town: we are between Granville Medical Center and JF Webb High School, coming from JF Webb we are 0.5 miles after the Oxford Loop Road intersection, coming from the hospital we are 0.6 miles and before the Oxford Loop intersection.

Still Lost?
If JF Webb high school is on your right, go through that intersection at Oxford Loop Road, (Shell station on the left) and we will be on the right. If Granville Medical Center is on your right, go 0.6 miles and we are on the left before Oxford Loop Road.

How much is an office visit?

An office visit whether a new patient or an established patient is currently $55, this includes treatment and prescribing and sending prescription through the computer to your pharmacy, and includes most diagnostics (flu testing does have an addition $10 charge due to the high cost of the test kit) and not generally need to diagnose flu. If you are a cash paying patient (no insurance or high deductible) we have contracted with Lab Corp for low fees for lab draws. School sports physicals are currently $20, DOT physicals are currently $100

What is urgent care, minor illness?

Urgent care centers treat illnesses that need urgent treatment, hurt so bad or make you feel so bad you just can’t wait to get into your own doctor. Commonly treated urgent illnesses are: strep throat, ear pain/infection, urinary tract infection, bronchitis, flu, cough, pink eye, sty, sinus infection, tooth pain/abscess. Another thing urgent cares can do is prescribe (order a refill) for a one time 30 day supply of medications for you if you have run out and can’t get to your doctor for important medications such as blood pressure or thyroid medications.